Marieville, Quebec

Sydney, Australia

Friday, October 30, 2009

A huge Hello!

Well Hello everyone, I know I have not been very faithful to my blog lately, but with so much going around here, time was scarce! Hope all of you are well! Well I have to say this past week I felt my 51 years, more than my 50th. My eldest turned 30. Boy it sure got to me about a month ago when I realized we would be celebrating his birthday with a new decade, my gosh where has the time gone. It seems like a short while ago that I was 30 and the boys were running around on the soccer field, or riding their bikes all over the neighborhood. Now I have to look at them as mature young men(well most of the time, heeheehee). We had a great celebration for him and he was pleased as punch. I am blessed, because I have 2 wonderful young men for my sons and enjoy anytime I spend with them! Have caught a terrible cold, ending up on antibiotics so not very productive as far as the cardmaking department went. But today I did make up a couple of Christmas cards to show you! Have a wonderul weekend everyone!

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Patti said...

Your cards are wonderful as usual! So sorry you have the crud! My oldest turns 31 in a few months.... So hard to believe! LOL!They keep getting older but I don't! Hee! Hee!