Marieville, Quebec

Sydney, Australia

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ok One More Thing!

This is my other project, hehehehhehehhehehehe!

While I sent hubby on his way to Cuba for a week of golf with his sil, a surprise gift

for him for his 70th birthday, I decided to paint my kitchen. Well after a rotten start, dropping a third of a gallon of paint all over my dog and floor this is the result. I wanted something bright and had chosen a creamy buttery yellow, in some pics it seems darker. When I was done, found it too monotonous, so decided to add a litte PUNCH! Well I was bold and went with red, and figured if Hubby didn't like it when he got back, well too bad, cause there was no way I was painting again. The worse room in a house to paint and I have to choose it. Well he came home and was thoroughly surprised, but said he loved it. OH WHAT A RELIEF!!!!

Have a great week my Friends, have missed you all, promise to be a little more present!

Hugs to all!

I am Fessin Up!

I have a little confession to make.

I have been very busy with all sorts of things and one of them are these. I have been wanting to take a course in decorative painting for years and for whatever reasons have not been able to. But 2 months ago at my teeny craft store 3 min away, a sign was posted that lessons were being given on Tue. evenings for beginners. Well I went to see Monic, and told her I couldn't draw for beans, did she think I could do it. She said of course you can, it is all about techniques and you have patterns you trace, (ugghhhh I thought I can't even trace properly, hehheheheheh) Well decided to give it a try and these are the results. From bottom up, starts with the first one, and so on. You wanna know something, I had homework to do!!!! I haven't had homework in years!!! Well after erasing I don't know how many traced lines these are what I ended up with. Was a great course and lots of fun to learn. No no no, I am not giving up cardmaking, just another avenue I wanted to try! I actually made a birthday card for stepson this week along with Roses Challenge but forgot to take a pic...I did miss my cardmaking!

Talk to ya soon!

June Roses Challenge - Kezzie-Rose


And it isn't me wiping my brow from a hot flash! But that I made it befored deadheading time heheheheheheheehehehehhe!

Our Darling Kezzie-Rose launched her challenge as anything but a card! Well actually it came at a good time as I wanted to give a colleague of mine a little something as a token of my appreciation of her great work and great team player. So here it is, Thanks Kezzie-Rose for the inspiration! A little tile coaster and tag to go along.

The weather here is on and off, much too much rain. They say that Apr. May, and June have been the wettest ever. Fine, now let's move on to sunny summer days!!!!

Busy, busy, always something going on in this house, some event, someone's birthday, kids dropping in to say hello and then stay to eat! Family golf get togethers one weekend. Not enough time for me to be quiet and enjoy my hobbies.

Oh Well, I had better get on to checking out the other Roses and their blogs! Gotta see their BEEEYYYYOOUUUUTTTIIIIFFFUUULLLLL Creations, they are a great BouqueT.

Touralou for now

Hugs to all!