Marieville, Quebec

Sydney, Australia

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Good Morning!
See what I had to wake up to, hehehehehhehehehe! The BlueJays of course are beautiful! This means a cold Halloween for all the kiddies, uggggghhhhhh! Poor them......but I know they will not be daunted. So my friends who are down under, just consider yourselves very lucky!!!!!
Well Enjoy the day all and Happy Haunting to those who go out!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Roses October Challenge- Kezzie- Halloween

Hello Everyone!
Well I cannot believe how time flies! Kezzie's challenge this month was for something for Halloween! I don't have many things for Halloween, so tried something with wht I had. Decided they would go to the grandkids filled with treats for them! Fun little boxes from SCS under Triangle Box. Thanks ever so much Kezzie, was fun doing your challenge.
You will not believe this but as I am writing it is snowing!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh not even November yet! It probably won't stay yet, but if it goes on like this, it is going to be one heck of a long winter! UGGGHHH!
Our friends from downunder are in heading into summer, oh how I envy them!
Well next month is my turn for a challenge, hehehehehhehehe! You will see at the end of the month.
Have a wonderful Halloween !

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Roses Challenge, Sept by Kymie - Decoupage

Hello Friends, Here we are again another month gone by. Where has summer gone to!!!!! Ohhhhhh my! Another cold winter to prepare for! But it was a great summer, lots of bbq's, golfing and trips up to a lake where stepdaughter bought a cottage that they are finishing, as

-it never was completely done. A couple of Spa visits with my daughters-in-law, who are just so wonderful! Well now is prep time for winter, uggghghhh and ours are cold. Oh well more time for cardmaking and cocooning, there is good in everything. Some of our lovely Roses have been going through a more difficult time, and hopefully all will be well soon for them.

Kymie-Rose is preparing for a wedding, but has given us a brand new challenge. Decoupage-which kind of puzzled me and after consulting with Olga-Rose, and her lovely gift of a few months ago, I used this lovely die-cut pic. So here it is! Hope you like it Kymie-Rose!

Oh and Kezzie-Rose has launched her challenge for Oct. Can you guess! The month of ghosts and gobblins, heheheheehehehe! Anything with a Halloween theme, hehehehehehe! Should be fun!

Hugs to all!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

August- Roses Challenge

Here we are another month gone by! Where does the time fly to???? Well Sue-Rose gave us a doozer of a challenge (at least for me) But I finally decided to go with the Polkadot theme on the paper she sent us! Lots of fun! Next month is Kymie-Rose's turn. Wonder what she has cooking for us.

Not much news here, we have had a great summer, busy with family and friends on weekends, enjoying the outdoors. Sept. 2 is the start of my vacation, finally after watching everyone leave and come back from theirs. But I love Sept. The weather is perfect, not too hot, not too cold.

Hope all of you are well! Hugs to all! Thanks Sue, for a wonderful challenge!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Roses July Challenge!

Well it is that time of the month where we post our cards from our lovely bouquet of Roses! Betty's turn this time, and she spoiled us with goodies, including stamp and paper that we had to use for the card. I had a great time with it! Well my little Chickadee, here it is, hope you like it! Sue and Kezzie's cards are already up, with them in Australia and ahead of us by 14 hours, it is like a sneak preview! LOL!!!
Thanks once again Betty-Rose!

Hurray for the Roses once again! Have a great week all!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A few more creations!

Just a few cards I have made up, I know I am not very regular about posting them, but time just seems to run away on me! Wanted to let you know that I have not stopped making cards though! heheheheheehehe! A wonderful day to all!

Animal Card for Roses Challenge!

Well here it is, my take on Olga's challenge this month! It was great fun as I have been looking for a cute Pup image, and I had to go shopping again-awwwwwwwww such hard work, heheheheheehe! Well there were not too many of them, but these little fuzz butts caught my eye and my heart. Thanks Olga-Rose, and now Betty-Rose's turn for a challenge, can hardly wait to see what she comes up with!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Roses Challenge

Well here I am, I think back on normal time, heheheheheheehe. Boy oh Boy I don't think I will be pulling an allnighter like this one, even though I do love Kezzie! Tough on the ole gal, or ole body. LOL Here is my card for my own challenge, and with it I do want to say Thank You to you my Wonderful Roses for all the beautiful cards and thoughts and goodies. I am very lucky to have you all in my life You have spoiled me rotten though, ( no complaints though, hehehehehhe) Thanks Ever So Much. Love Ya All!

PS Louis has been bugging me and now calls me a Menopausal Adolescent!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Skyping Marathon!

Hello All!

You will never believe this but Kezzie and I have just spent 8 hours straight on Skype. We have decided to enter ourselves into the Guiness World of Records. It was hilarious! I personally have now gone 19 hours without any sleep. Olga joined us around 8 am and stayed on for about 4 hours with us, hehehehehehehehehe! What a hoot! Hubby thinks I am absolutely nuts. During this whole evening we had lots of laughs and Kezzie was very intent on fixing up my sidebar as it fell to the bottom of my page. I think this too about 3 hours, hehehehehehehe. Sorry Sue, but Kezzie says you did not have the solution. Don't ask me what it was, I'll let her explain. Well all is in order and Kezzie and I are heading to bed now! So nighty night my dear Friend, Sweet Dreams!!!!!! Have a wonderful holiday weekend all!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

March-ing, with our troops!

Hello Everyone!
Hope all had a great weekend! Mine has been busy with birthdays,
suppers and bowling. The Roses had another Challenge this month, by
Kymie! Since her son Travis was deployed to Afghanistan, she asked us
if we could make up a card for him! Well our hearts and thoughts go out
to them. Here is mine!
Have a great week all!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Hello and Happy Monday

Good Morning all! A quick good morning to you all! I made up this little card last night

for StampTV's Inspire challenge. I love this little image sent to me by my friend from down under, Kezzie. I had made up a couple of pieces with the shaving cream technique but never used them and decided to use it with this image. Have a wonderfully creative week!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Card Challenges

Hi all! Well here are two cards made with a butterfly stamp I just bought. The orange and green card is for StampTV's sketch challenge by Vicki, and the Wine colored one is for Tina's color challenge. But it is also a challenge that Olga gave me while chatting with her last night on Skype, hehehehehe, to use vellum. The colors are really wine, yellow and craft, but my camera would not relay it as so! Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mid-Week Hello!

Happy Hump Day! Well it sure is unusual for me to post mid-week, but I had to make up 2 cards quickly for colleagues who are leaving my branch for bigger and better things. Ahhhhh the banking world. We have had quite a turnaround in the past couple of years. One is a young lady who loves stilletto heals and pink, the other loves kitty kats, so here they are. Hope you enjoy your day!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Happy Saturday Evening!

Just a quick Hello, nothing really new, just wanted to share this card I made up for Stamp TV's

Inspired challenge by Gina. Diamonds! Hope all of you are well, we are enjoying sunshine, so nice but still around the freezing mark. But no snow, so strange, will have to stay quiet about that one, anything can happen here. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Have a Wonderul Weekend!

Hello Friends, well it has been a busy week. There must be something in the air, because my boys have been over 5 evenings this past week. Heheheheehehe, but it was fun to see them. Actually my eldest is looking for a house, annnnnnnddddd, he is thinking about one in my area. (needless to say, I would be delighted) but as Mom, musn't push, it has to come from him! Time will tell. Yesterday was spent with my girlfriend who is getting married in May, went out for wine flutes, which I will be engraving with their names and wedding date and decorating for the guest favors. Oooohhhhh so much fun to be involved in the preparations. Managed to get 2 cards made up, pheww. One was a spotlighting challenge and the other Pink and white over at Stamp TV. Hopefully will get a little more done on the weekend. Have a great one!

Sunday, February 28, 2010


Hello all! Hope you all had a great weekend! We are a wonderful group of Friends, that met a year ago on Stamp TV. It was also Stamp TV's first Anniversary, so our we, the Roses, as we call ourselves have decided to send GinaK a Thank you card to express how thankful we are for the wonderful site she has created for all of us stampers, and the great opportunity for meeting great people! Here's mine! Thank You Stamp TV, GinaK, and most especially to the Wonderful Roses who have always been here for me!

Have a great week!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy Stamper!

Why am I a happy stamper! Well to my astonishment, yesterday morning, I was going through Stamp TV, checking everything out, and as I went to my page I discovered a message for me!

Well I was hootin' and hollerin' when I read that I won one of the challenges. Poor hubby did not know what had brought the house down at first. Came in to the office to see what all the yelling was about ( i am a little bit expressive, heheheheehhe) So very exciting! That was the hilight of my week, let me tell you! Well here are a couple of cards I entered for 2 more challenges.

Have a great weekend all!

Friday, February 19, 2010


Well another week has gone by, and everyone is happy that it is Friday. We actually got maybe an inch of snow overnight. This has been an extremely strange winter for us, not too cold and hardly any snow. Just ask Olga, she got most of ours, heeehheeehehheee!

I have been working on the sponging technique, Theresa Momber who is an expert in it, and Olga who is way up there too have given me the urge to try this. Not easy! But I am practicing. Actually I made up a card with the daisy last night, and did some piecing, only to find that it was today's challenge on Stamp TV. Well have a wonderful weekend my Friends, and Happy Stamping!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

A quick post to wish all my Friends a very Happy Valentine's day!
May you always be surrounded by love, no matter from who, or from where!
You all have mine
Connie xoxoxoxox

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hello WORLD!

Yes the world's eyes are on us for the next 2 weeks. Last night we were watching the openning ceremonies for the Olympics. I was very proud as a Canadian, it was a beautiful ceremony. Our cultural diversity was well represented. As usual, I ended up in tears with emotion, (such a wimp) but it never fails. My heart goes out to the family who lost a son, brother, and friend, the young Georgian olympic athlete who lost his life during practices. The competitions will be exciting so all who will be watching, Enjoy!

Here is a little birthday I made up, I think I am seeing Red, everywhere! Another red card. Heeehehehehe! I entered this card for the Crazy 4 Challenges, Red Challenge. Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Quick Hello!

Hello everyone!

This is just a quick post, just wanted to share the Valentine card made up

for Stamp TV's color challenge, Pink, Red, Green and any neutrals.

Had fun with this image, my dear friend Olga posted it to me last year!

Thanks Olga!

Have a great day!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Bright, Sunny and Cold!

Well Good Morning My Friends!

Thank you for all your wonderful comments on my last posting.

All is well here, nothing really new. Had a wonderful visit and with my nephew who lives in Toronto, and he will be back today. A delightful 9 yr old who has been introduced to card making, heehehehehehee. Unfortunately his paternal Grandfather passed on this week. But as in all in life, sometimes the sadness brings gladness. In this case I get to spend time with him as his parents have been busy with all. I made up a card for the family, so here it is. Oh yes, I also made up one for Stamp TV's challenge. I cheated a bit, and used a bit of red though.

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Happy February!

Well My Friends!

Another month has gone by, just cannot figure out where it goes! It has been a busy weekend, and also got some cards made up. A colleague and myself are heading up the Relay for Life -Cancer society fund raiser at work. Decided to sell some cards again. Tried it last year and it went very well. So, this year it will be done again, with more cards and a better variety, since I have learned so much from everyone! Want to wish you a great week and a great month of February. Thanks to all for looking and leaving such nice comments always!

Take care All!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Good Evening!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine was great, a bit calmer so I actually made another card up. This one is for the StampTv challenge for making something with inchies. Well I decided to go with cirlcles. Have a great week everyone!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Good Morning! TGIF

Hello everyone!

It is a cold grey morning, here. We have not seen the sun for about 2 weeks, it has teased

us a couple of times for about an hour. But the scenery here is gorgeous because everything

is covered in hoarfrost. Makes for a beautiful sight.

Here is a card I posted for StampTV's sketch challenge this week. A beary neat sketch, heeheheehee!

Have A Wonderful Day!

Monday, January 18, 2010


Hello Everyone!

First of all would like to wish all a very Happy New Year, filled with joy, love and peace.

I just realized how long it has been since I have been here, and thought I had better get up here before everyone thinks that I have given up Stamping! No way! It is just that since I left for vacation for the last 2 weeks in November, I have had trouble getting my act together with the holidays on their way. It seems that I have had company almost every weekend since, lots of fun of course, but lots of work too. Well I am back, and hope to be a little more dilligent with my postings. Last weekend my friend Kymie who is on the design team for Stamping Boutique, hosted a Digi-Day challenge for them with a free digi-image called Cynthia Journal Fairy. Well of all the wonderful things, I won an image! Yippee, my first win ever! Well I did make up a card and here it is for you all to see. Cannot see the glitter very well, but I love the image. Check them out, I am sure there is something for everyone.

Have a great week!