Marieville, Quebec

Sydney, Australia

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Hello and Happy Easter to All!

Another month and another Roses' Challenge and for the month of April, it is our lovely Sue-Rose who hosted this one. She had decided that it was time for our creative little hands do something a little more challenging, a 3-D card. Well let me tell you, our Bouquet never ceases to amaze me! WOW WEE!!!!!!! Each and everyone of our Flowers have bloomed with a very special creation. You must take a look! No thorns in this bouquet. I have posted two cards as I really had to get 2 made up and since I could not decide which to put up, I went with the both of them! Sue-Rose is going to have to help me set up the links to the others' blogs.

Thank you so much Sue-Rose for a great challenge, and Congrats to all the lovely Roses for their Gorgeous contributions!

Hugs to all!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mahone Bay

I was staying in Mahone Bay about 5 min from the main town, which is known for the 3 churches in a row. Another very pretty town, don't you just love the little red school house?

Truly, If I could I would move there in a heart beat, ifthere wasn't so much to give up here!

The people are so nice, the province is gorgeous, and I love the ocean!


Well this is Lunenberg, a very beautiful bay town area, that impressed me because it was so colorful! What a delight! We went across the bay so I could take the pic of the whole town.

Sleeping Lobsters!

Have you ever put a lobster to sleep? Well you can you know! What a hoot, I had asked my friend if the lobster squealed when put in the pot, and she said that is when she put them to sleep. Well a new experience in it self. So what you do is take the lobster, turn it upside down, set it on the counter with the claws crossed in front, curl the tail over and stroke its spine, after a couple of min. it falls alseep. They stay like that for approx 15 min, except for one sucker that gave us a hard time, by the time he fell asleep, the others awakened and started moving about knocking the others off the counter, hehehehehehehhe so scrambled to do the whole thing over again, and then finally they went into the pot!!! What a supper, you should have seen the meat in those devils. YUMMY!


The little blue boat is coming in with supper the pictures are in the wrong order hehehehehehe. Garney is a lobster fisherman who was out fishing for them when my friend called him to see if he had a fresh haul. Well with cell phones today anything can be done. He told us to meet him in 2 hours at the wharf he would be coming in with his catch! Oh my gosh, you cannot get it any fresher!!!

Nova Scotia, land of coastlines and valleys!

This is the old fishing town of Peggy's Cove, the rocky shore line spectacular as you look out from the lighthouse. The town is sparse, and am sure the weather conditions must have been terribly harsh in the old days of wood heating. But the view, WOW!

Wohoooo I am Here!

Hi Friends! Here is a little card I made up for a birthday, I wish I could make flowers like Mary Anne and Olga, but did not quite turn out, it is a new die I got the Peony, but now think not what I really wanted, oh well. It has been a busy week, 2 big birthdays, one friend just turned 40 and the other 50. For my friend who turned 50 I flew in to Nova Scotia to surprise her, her hubby asked if I would do it to really surprise her. Oh my such beautiful country. I had been there 10 years ago and fell in love with it then, and now just fell in love with it all over. Hope you are all well, have a great week, and will get some more cards going!!! Happy Stamping all!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Am I Obsessed!

Just a Tad! LOL!

I love making these flower pots. I guess it is my way to welcome spring! Since I cannot sink my hands into the earth warmed by a nice spring sun this will have to do now.

I really do love the sun, today it is about 40F or 8C and the sun is shining, so I got outside and washed the winter muck of my windows. Then cleaned up the poop from Pups in the yard (although we do have some patches of snow) . And since the Pups decided to roll in the snow and then go through the garden, what more do I have to say, they got their bath! This afternoon I am going to see Grandson's hockey game, he is in a tournament! 7 yrs old and now we have to encourage him, hehhehehehehehehe! Never know he just may make the Montreal Canadiens and hopefully win us the Stanley Cup one day!

That's it for now, Touralou! Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Flower Pots!

Hi There Girls,

Well I went back to SCS and looking for a new project fell upon these flower pot cards and since Olga has been enticing me with all her beautiful flowers, decided to give this a go!

Kinda like these cards a lot heheheheheeh!