Marieville, Quebec

Sydney, Australia

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Hello WORLD!

Yes the world's eyes are on us for the next 2 weeks. Last night we were watching the openning ceremonies for the Olympics. I was very proud as a Canadian, it was a beautiful ceremony. Our cultural diversity was well represented. As usual, I ended up in tears with emotion, (such a wimp) but it never fails. My heart goes out to the family who lost a son, brother, and friend, the young Georgian olympic athlete who lost his life during practices. The competitions will be exciting so all who will be watching, Enjoy!

Here is a little birthday I made up, I think I am seeing Red, everywhere! Another red card. Heeehehehehe! I entered this card for the Crazy 4 Challenges, Red Challenge. Have a great weekend!


Linda L said...

Hi Connie, You should be a very proud Canadian. The opening ceremonies for the Olympics were wonderful.
I love your red card. Red is my favorite color. I love the little image. He is so cute.
Thanks you for comment on my card.

craftieodamae said...

Nothing wrong with being emotional, and red is great!!! your card is absoluteluy gorgeous!!

redwasher1 said...

I too love your red card and the opening ceremonies were fantastic!

Kerrie said...

Hi Connie, I watched the opening ceremony and it was fantastic, actually I've had the TV going all day, just love the winter olympics.... You should enter you card in Crazy 4 Challenges, the challenge is to use red.

Love kezzie

Ildiko said...

Gorgeous card Connie. I LOVE red and it's the perfect colour for today. I haven't seen the opening for the Olympics and nothing wrong with tears it shows you got a big heart. Vigyazz magadra

Patti said...

Gorgeous GF! Yes your opening ceremony was awesome! I was awe struck while watching it!

Anonymous said...

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