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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Roses October Challenge- Kezzie- Halloween

Hello Everyone!
Well I cannot believe how time flies! Kezzie's challenge this month was for something for Halloween! I don't have many things for Halloween, so tried something with wht I had. Decided they would go to the grandkids filled with treats for them! Fun little boxes from SCS under Triangle Box. Thanks ever so much Kezzie, was fun doing your challenge.
You will not believe this but as I am writing it is snowing!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh not even November yet! It probably won't stay yet, but if it goes on like this, it is going to be one heck of a long winter! UGGGHHH!
Our friends from downunder are in heading into summer, oh how I envy them!
Well next month is my turn for a challenge, hehehehehhehehe! You will see at the end of the month.
Have a wonderful Halloween !


Kerrie said...

I'm gob smacked... they are fantastic treat box's, the grandkids will just love them..... yep the weather is warming up!.... and loving it!

Olga said...

It's Connie, live from Canada, she has posted on her blog!!!!!!!! Let the news people out so they can run it. Wait a minute, Kerrie was here first! LOL. Great story Kerrie hehe

Kym Weber said...

OMG, Connie! These are absolutely fabulous! How adorable! I'm sure the grandkids just love these! Wonderful job!


redwasher1 said...

Connie!! I'm a little late in this comment, but better late than never! Right???
Those little treat boxes are just adorable!!If it wasn't after Halloween, I would them!!!