Marieville, Quebec

Sydney, Australia

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hello Friends!

Hi my dear friends!

Well I wasn't able to post last week because I had to work all week, plus twice till 8 pm. To top this we had a couple of storms so the driving was horrid, and when I got home had to shovel! Uggghhhhh when is winter over.......Oh well what can I say. I like my two other friends Mary Anne and Olga, I also got a new boyfriend (sorry I meant toy). Except mine isn't named Dyson, but Toro! Well Olga and I spoke on the phone and I could hardly control myself, or my bladder for that matter! I was in stictches and could not take it any more but she kept on telling me about her and Mary Anne's new boyfriend, Dyson, and Bill's girlfriend, Oxy-Jean! You had to be there, really that girl is a hoot !!!!! I guess I was jealous and had to get a boyfriend of my own, Toro! Such a good guy! Man can he shoot the snow, ehheheheheheheheheheh! It is an electric shovel, cause I was so tired of lifting the snow over the banks and the railing on our deck. All my muscles were hurting, and will working so much at work and some nights taking 2 hours to get home, I had enough! So on Saturday of course another snow storm and I took my faithful friend on a date! Had to see what he was like, and I must say, he is a good ole guy! Now my work is cut in half!

Sadly a colleague of mine lost her mom this week, so I made up a card. Such a sad time when one loses a Mom! As my colleague said, such is life, births and deaths, but when you lose your Mom it is so hard! Oh how I know.

On a happier note, the pups are great and I am having a great time with them. Nothing new otherwise, terribly cold and windy here: -15c

Have a wonderful week all!




Mary Anne / MA54K said...

I heard all about Oxy-Jean! ROFLMAO! Bill must really be a card. Congrats on the new Toro, but boo to the snow and shoveling. Dyson is such an animal! He has been you constant chore pal since he arrived. Love your card and hope we chat soon!

The Other Patti Sue said...

OMGosh LMAO.... TO funny! Looks like your boy toy did a great job on the walk! Nice he can flex his muscles and not you LOL! Super pretty card!

Kerrie said...

Wow check that snow out.... you must have great guns!....shoveling all that snow!

Betty Benton said...

Glad you got someone(thing) to help you with the snow -- you'll have to keep him around for a while!!