Marieville, Quebec

Sydney, Australia

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sleeping Lobsters!

Have you ever put a lobster to sleep? Well you can you know! What a hoot, I had asked my friend if the lobster squealed when put in the pot, and she said that is when she put them to sleep. Well a new experience in it self. So what you do is take the lobster, turn it upside down, set it on the counter with the claws crossed in front, curl the tail over and stroke its spine, after a couple of min. it falls alseep. They stay like that for approx 15 min, except for one sucker that gave us a hard time, by the time he fell asleep, the others awakened and started moving about knocking the others off the counter, hehehehehehehhe so scrambled to do the whole thing over again, and then finally they went into the pot!!! What a supper, you should have seen the meat in those devils. YUMMY!

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The Other Patti Sue said...

That's exactly how I put DH to sleep..... LMAO! So funny!