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Sunday, June 26, 2011

June Roses Challenge - Kezzie-Rose


And it isn't me wiping my brow from a hot flash! But that I made it befored deadheading time heheheheheheheehehehehhe!

Our Darling Kezzie-Rose launched her challenge as anything but a card! Well actually it came at a good time as I wanted to give a colleague of mine a little something as a token of my appreciation of her great work and great team player. So here it is, Thanks Kezzie-Rose for the inspiration! A little tile coaster and tag to go along.

The weather here is on and off, much too much rain. They say that Apr. May, and June have been the wettest ever. Fine, now let's move on to sunny summer days!!!!

Busy, busy, always something going on in this house, some event, someone's birthday, kids dropping in to say hello and then stay to eat! Family golf get togethers one weekend. Not enough time for me to be quiet and enjoy my hobbies.

Oh Well, I had better get on to checking out the other Roses and their blogs! Gotta see their BEEEYYYYOOUUUUTTTIIIIFFFUUULLLLL Creations, they are a great BouqueT.

Touralou for now

Hugs to all!


Betty Benton said...

All right!!! Love your coaster and tag. I did one coaster when Gina K. first had her video on stampTV but have always wanted to do some more. Great thinking and I know your friend will love it too!

Kerrie said...

Hey Connie Rose, I just love what you have created for my challenge.... I'm in Melbourne so will post mine when back on Thursday!

Sue W said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous Love your tile coaster with it's matching card!!!! I used to do this kind of painting some time back ......loved it found it very relazing but I never quite got the hang of roses!!!!!! I have a wonderful Brolly stand in the hall though with a Kookaburra painted on it!!!!!!

By the way love your blog page!!!

Olga said...

well haven't you been busy, Love the painted walls, poor dags..........and the paintings are fantastic!!!!! Great project too for Kerrie. Oh yeah, it's me, been so long I'm sure you have forgotten all about me.......hehe

The Other Patti Sue said...

Look at you Connie Rose... such a beautiful creation! My sis made me a few coasters like that and I just love them!

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

This is awesome, but I am still sitting here with my jaw dropped cause I can't figure how I missed 3posts! I remember that video!