Marieville, Quebec

Sydney, Australia

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Another Rainy Day!

Well it is another overcast and calling for rain day! Ugh! Summer has not been great so far! Only 1 BBQ supper that we could actually enjoy outside so far. Have been a little busy on the golf course last weekend (no, I'm not a pro) Just a sport I like to enjoy with hubby, Louis! I am working hard at it though, as I have only been playing for 6 yrs ( and for those who think 6 yrs is long, let me tell you, it isn't) Learning golf at my age isn't easy! Very hard on the ego. By the time you remember all the technical stuff, your legs not too far apart, stick your butt out, bend slightly at the knee, keep your arms straight, keep your head on the ball, check where your ball is place in relation to your feet, how your feet are placed, because it is the direction for the ball, watch your grip. Phew! I am tired just explaining! Then you get to hit the ball. Oops you miss. So what in the heck was I missing in all of the above! LOL! Get the picture?

Here is a little card I made up for StampTV's color challenge. The image is a gkd. Check out all the fun going on there! Have a great one all!