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Sunday, August 26, 2012

SUE'S Challenge for the Roses! August 12

Wohoooo I did it!
Lol, was talking to Olga and she said, hey where is your card for Sue's challenge, well I was working on my catch up card for Betty's challenge and had to put it aside, forgot it was the last weekend in August.  So here it is Sue-Rose, what a nifty idea that was, had the wheels turning.
Thanks, and now am off to check the other Roses.
Hugs to y'all!


Mary Anne / MA54K said...

Oh, I love that you picked up on the peachy color! That is why I did not make my Poppies solid red! Awesome card, and so glad you are back with us!

Olga said...

super gorgeous, and yes you are right, lots of colors in the inspiration piece, I just didn't use em LOL!

Betty Benton said...

It's Connie, our precious Connie! I'm admiring all of your gorgeous die cuts!! I'm not sure which I like best -- embossing folders or dies!! Great to see you back!

Sue W said...

Beautiful Connie!!!! Love how you used the inspirational photo! No card police heading your way today:)
Hope all's well with you my friend.x

Olga said...

it's it was so worth waiting for, breathtaking!!!

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

I know I left a comment here, but it has not shown up, Ms Connie Rose. Love the card.