Marieville, Quebec

Sydney, Australia

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Well I am back!

It seems like forever since I have posted anything! But being very busy at work and having a wedding on the weekend and all the other little things of everyday life, no time for playing! I finally got 3 cards made up and mostly nature cards! I think that I am missing sitting out in the backyard and just being quiet with the birds and my trees and flowers and of course my little pup Loco! Things have been just too hectic!!! Time to stop and smell the roses!
The rain is relentless, rain or showers almost everyday! Kinda getting the ole gal cranky!
She needs her sun! LOL! Well they are promising4 days of nice weather, (Yeah sure) time will tell. So here are the cards! Hope you like them! Have a wonderful day!


craftieodamae said...

Just gorgeous my little wet rose LOL..........Chill hon, it'll be okay

Patti said...

Welcome back! Cards are awesome!