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Sunday, August 30, 2009

A more fruitful week of play!

Well hello everyone! No, I am not lost. Had a busy week at work, having family over for suppers and a little golfing. Had a doggie day with Loco, we took a nice long walk, then came home and I groomed him, the whole works, cut, shampoo, bath and 4pedicure! He was so good, I am amazed how well behaved he is, while I torture him with the shaver, it takes 2 hours. But then we played and he was very happy to be outdoors with me. Then his new pal from nextdoor came to play with him! Right now he is snoring away on his cushion! As you can see, I luv the little bugger, I think it is the empty nest syndrome, have to have a kid around! LOL, well he does behave like a two year old! Through all of this, I did get a few cards made up. Look and see! Have a great week!


craftieodamae said...

Yes dogs are our kids........your cards are as beautiful as always! Keep up the good work just don't work too hard hehe

Patti said...

Wow Connie, You rock, get all that done and make 4 cards.... You go girl! Your cards are adorable. The hedgehogs are so cute! You know I love that little girl and the bear is just plain huggable!

Payne Holler Cards said...

hi there - loved that little girl over on STV - these other cards are so cute!!! nice to know someone has a life out there besides work and stampin'....and you still managed to make these cards LOL

Ildiko said...

Szia Connie. Gyonyoru munka. I can't pick. MS punch is just fab. They so expensive over here.
Puszi Ildiko

Sharri Seffens said...

All of the cards are beautiful!

Ildiko said...
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Ildiko said...

Ok maybe this time I can do it. So I left a little something on my blog for you
oxo Ildiko